Some good reads

With so many books covering various topics, we have selected a few that correspond to our celebrating the birth of the “Father of the national parks” 180th birthday alongside the 64th anniversary of earth day.

2 Good reads about the national parks and earth day

#1 The National Parks – America’s Best Idea

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By Dayton Duncan and Ken Burns

The history of the national parks systems spans from 1872 when the first park that came to be known as the Yellow Stone park in Yosemite across time until the modern day where there are approximately eighty-four million acres broken into almost four hundred national parks distributed across the nation.

This book takes you on a journey through time to the trials and tribulations of forming these landmarks and the preservation of them.


#2 Your Guide to the National Parks

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By Michael Joseph Oswald

In 2017 this award-winning book was updated with a new design and up to date information on all the National Parks, The book has revised maps, hiking trails, hundreds of new photographs with the new design and layout making it easy to follow.The book includes a list of accommodation, fun-filled activities and road trips for the entire family, places to eat and the attractions in and or around the parks this book is the only real guide you will need to explore the national parks and making your explorations adventures you are sure to remember for a lifetime.


The national parks are well worth the trip especially for those who love the great outdoors, nature, the beauty of tranquil settings and adventures.