15 Fun facts about earth day

15 Fun facts about earth day

Earth Day

This year sees the 47th anniversary of earth day, which is a day that 150 different countries from around the world come together in an appreciation of our great planet and reminds us to do our bit to keep it green!

With climate change threating the not too distant future and the polar ice caps melting at an alarming rate we need to make every day an earth day and think before we buy or use various items and or products.

15 fun facts about earth day

#1 The first earth day saw the participation of twenty-million people take to the streets of America in a protest against the industrial revolution.

#2 Earth day was first started on the 22nd of April 1970

#3 Senator Gaylord Nelson was the founder of earth day

#4 Originally earth day was only celebrated in the USA and become a worldwide event by 1990

#5 Disney studios release a documentary about four animal family migrations called Earth on earth day in 2009.

#6 Earth day sees the coming together of people from all walks of life, age, gender to collect garbage, clean up coral reefs and plant trees.

#7 Earth day is usually celebrated in conjunction with John Muir, the father of the national parks, birthday.

#8 The UN renamed earth day to “International Mother Earth Day” in 2009

#9 To celebrate earth day in 2011 the Earth Day Network had twenty-eight million trees planted in Afghanistan.

#10 There are some communities and schools that extend earth day to a whole week in order to have more time to focus on saving the earth.

#11 In China over one-hundred thousand people rode bikes on earth day in 2012 to cut down on CO2 emissions.

#12 One hundred endangered orchid species were planted in Panama to prevent their extinction in honor of earth day.

#13 Recycling an aluminum beverage can a total of six weeks to be sold, recycled and turned back into a beverage can.

#14 Waste incinerator has to generate 3 – 5 times more energy than recycling does.

#15 The world has lost more than half of its valuable forests


In order to help maintain and heal our planet, we need to make greener choices.  In today’s world with companies moving more and more towards greener products and manufacturing it is not that hard to do.

Recycle when you can, try choosing glass over plastic and bio-degradable or recycled bags we all have to do our bit to help our planet.

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