Top 2 news stories from around the world

World news highlights

There are a lot of newsworthy stories breaking across the globe and making the headlines that are splashed across the various news feeds and media.

Here are a few of the headlines that caught our attention this week.

2 News stories from around the world

#1 KFC runs out of chicken and is forced to close down outlets throughout the UK
One of the news headlines is the KGC debacle that has hit the UK when the famous fast food chain changed suppliers that failed to deliver chicken to some nine-hundred stores across the UK forcing them to have to close their doors as they ran out of chicken.Refusing to compromise on the quality of their chicken KFC rather closed their doors at some stores whilst others are operating on a limited menu.The crisis was blamed on their new delivery company, DHL, having “teething problems” in transporting and distributing the chicken nationwide.
The crisis escalated across the UK to such an extent that some people were calling the police to report the issue.  This prompted the police department to tweet a message “It is not a police matter if your favorite eatery is not serving the menu that you desire”.

As DHL calmed the masses with a statement that they are taking “step-by-step” measures to improve their service and get the chicken delivered to ensure the reopening of their favorite KFC stores, KFC bosses flew into to London this week to attempt to help resolve the matter as quickly as possible.

#2 Sex robots are shocking the world as the all too real dolls hit the market
The advance in technology has seen the rise of many a sophisticated AI robotic instrument in industries such as car manufacturers, medical services to name but a few.  These advancements have been industry and in some cases,  life-changing.

But one AI robotic advancement that has rocked the world and is causing a lot of mixed responses is that of the advanced and really life-like sex robots.

With the widespread internet online dating and chat sites that have allowed for people from all over the globe to interact in various dating and or online sex acts society has had to come to terms with the new ways of the various courting rituals.  This has led to many new laws and regulations that have had to be put into place.

But the introduction of sex robots has had professionals from various fields warn that these robots could lead to a whole new area of legal and moral dilemmas.


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