5 Things to know about bobsledding

The winter Olympics 2018

With the Winter Olympics upon us with many winter sports that are not well known such as bobsledding and the fact that a country such as Jamaica has a bobsledding team we wanted to get to know more about the sport.

5 Things to know about bobsledding

#1 Bobsledding was invented in the 1860’s by the Swiss
The name bobsled comes from the way the teams bob to increase the speed of the sled when the race starts.

#2 The very first bobsleds were made of wood
The very first bobsleds were made out of wood but have progressed to the sleds we see today which are made of steel and fiberglass

#3 Bobsledding became an Olympic sport in 1924
Although the first ever bobsled club was started in 1874 the first four-man sled race was only added to the Olympic games in 1924 which took place in Chamonix and the two-man bobsled race was added to the Olympics in 1932 which was held in Lake Placid.
The first woman’s bobsled event was only added to the Olympics in Salt Lake City in 2002.

#4 There are two distinct bobsled styles
The bobsled styles are depicted by the number of persons in the sled. There is the two-man sled which consists of a driver that pushes and drives the sled, then the brakeman.The second style is the four-man sled which consists of a driver, two pushing athletes and a brakeman. The women’s bobsled events are always two-man races with mixed gender teams sometimes making up the four-man races.

#5 The bobsled
The bobsled has a fibreglass hull with four runners which are pieces of steel for the sled to run on and a steel frame.
The heavier the sled the faster it will go and to keep the games fair there is a minim weight without the team for the sled and a maximum weight for the sled with the crew in. These differ depending on whether it is a four-man or two-man race and for the woman’s sledding event.


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info1 - 5 Things to know about bobsledding
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