3 Top online sports betting sites for 2018

3 Top online sports betting sites for 2018

Online sport betting

In today’s online gambling market there are so many sites to choose from and sports betting is no exception as there has been a rise in the number of sports betting sites in the past few years.In order to know if a site is worth putting your money into the first find out all the reviews, site history and how their payouts work as well as how they deal with customer support.

3 Best sites for online sports betting in 2018

#1 888Sport
This is the sports betting side of the 888 brand of companies which include 888 Casino their casino site and 888 Poker their poker site. Find here the best online poker sites for uk 2018.

As with the other two 888 ensures that each of the sites has its own unique feel and style to is and 888 Sport is purely everything to do with sports.Being one of the oldest and best-known sites on the internet this is one of the best options for sports betting in that they offer a host of different sporting events upon which to bet on, their payouts are quick and as they listed on the London stock exchange.

#2 Betway
This is a well-established company with over ten years’ experience and is one of the sponsors for sports and sports teams such Premier league darts, UK Championship snooker and West Ham United FC to name but a few names that bare the Betway sponsorship branding.

It is regularly audited by the top gambling authorities and fully licensed in eight countries and comes with the top seal of approval from various gambling authorities.

Being big in the Europe market this company tends to have its main focus on European sports although it does have a few American based sports such as the NFL, MLB and NBA.

This site has great sports statistics for its betters convenience.

#3 Guts Casino
The sports betting side of guts casino’s sports betting site holds a good selection of sports betting and horse racing options. Use this Guts casino review for further information.

A relatively new site having only started operating in 2013 it has already received Best Online Casino reviews and compliments from its competitors.

One of its biggest downfalls is its limited amount of countries it is available in.


Gamble can be addictive always play and or bet responsibly.  Set a spending limit and if you are going to bet again ensure you only use a percentage of your current winnings to ensure you go home with some cash.

Always ensure any online sites you may place bets at is a legitimate site and is regulated to protect you and your money.