5 Facts about the rugby world cup

5 Facts about the rugby world cup

Rugby world cup 2019

Rugby fans from all the over the globe eagerly await the 2019 rugby world cup which will be hosted by Japan.  With New Zealand, the reigning world champs (this is their third world cup title) already getting into top shape eager to defend their title against the other nineteen competing teams.

5 Facts about the rugby world cup

#1 Top winning teams:

  • New Zealand, current title holders and have won the titles three times in the years 1987, 2011 and 2015
  • South Africa has won the world cup twice in the years 1995 and 2007
  • Australia has won the world cup twice in the years 1991 and 1999

#2 South Africa and New Zealand are the only nations to have won home world cup games.  These were South Africa who hosted the world cup in 1995 and won.  New Zealand in 1987 and again 2011.

#3 England is the only team from the Northern hemisphere to have won the world cup title in the year 2003.  Other teams include France, Wales, Scotland and Ireland to name a few.

#4 New Zealand scored the highest ever points against Japan in 1995.  New Zealand scored twenty-one tries in that match with a score of 145

#5 The rugby world cup was played for the first time in 1987 when the USA was the reigning champions as they had won the gold medal in the 1924 summer Olympics ruby tournament.

When the first rugby world cup was held in 1987 all teams who were members of the IRFB were included which left any remaining open posts to be filled by invasion from the rugby unions.

The cup that is awarded to the winners of the rugby world cup is called the “William Webb Ellis Cup”.  Named after the  Reverend William Webb Ellis who is believed to be the inventor of the rugby game.  Whilst still at school (Rugby School) and during a game of football he picked the ball up and ran with it, hence the rugby style of playing the game.  This story is disputed by rugby historian as a myth.


The woman’s rugby world cup was held in August 2017 and hosted by Iceland.  The winner was five times champions New Zealand, with runner-up England (they have been four times runners-up) and France in third place.  The next woman’s rugby world cup will be in 2021.

3 Unusual winter sports that are no longer part of the Olympic games

3 Unusual winter sports that are no longer part of the Olympic games

Demonstration sports at the Olympic games

The host countries of either the summer or winter Olympics got to add extra non-official events to the games.  These were called demonstration events and showcased some of the sports played in that country.  Some of these sports became Olympic events others did not quite make the cut there have not been demonstration events at the Olympic games since 1990.

3 Unusual sports no longer to be seen at the Winter Olympics

#1 Ski Ballet

1 - 3 Unusual winter sports that are no longer part of the Olympic games
IT is much like ice-skating complete with complex flips, spins and jumps except the dancer is wearing skis and they are not on the ice but on the snow.

Ski ballet made its appearance in the Olympics in 1988 at the Calgary games and then again in 1992 at the Albertville games in France.Its complex rules were not very understandable and the event did not draw much crowd attention.

#2 Skijoring

2 - 3 Unusual winter sports that are no longer part of the Olympic games
This sport is much like dog sledding except the person does not have a sled and can be pulled by a dog or horse on skis.Although it is still enjoyed in Europe and North American the sport only ever made a preview in the Olympic once and that was at the Winter Games in 1928 in St, Moritz.

The demonstration that was shown had competitors hanging onto the reins of their horses as the got pulled along a frozen snow covered lake.

#3 Speed skiing

3 - 3 Unusual winter sports that are no longer part of the Olympic games
Is skiing down a designated and or designed slope/course as fast as possible.  The goal is to have the fastest miles/ kilometres per hour.  The competitor either ski to break a standing record or to have the fastest time at a competition.

Due to a tragic death of a speed skier during practice and the fact the sport is not a good TV audience draw the sport never quite made it after its one and only appearance at the Albertville Games in 1992.


Whilst some of these unusual sports are still played in their country of origin it is best to remember that they have probably been played there for years.  Never try any sport without the supervision of someone who knows how to do them or a trained professional.

5 Things to know about bobsledding

5 Things to know about bobsledding

The winter Olympics 2018

With the Winter Olympics upon us with many winter sports that are not well known such as bobsledding and the fact that a country such as Jamaica has a bobsledding team we wanted to get to know more about the sport.

5 Things to know about bobsledding

#1 Bobsledding was invented in the 1860’s by the Swiss
The name bobsled comes from the way the teams bob to increase the speed of the sled when the race starts.

#2 The very first bobsleds were made of wood
The very first bobsleds were made out of wood but have progressed to the sleds we see today which are made of steel and fiberglass

#3 Bobsledding became an Olympic sport in 1924
Although the first ever bobsled club was started in 1874 the first four-man sled race was only added to the Olympic games in 1924 which took place in Chamonix and the two-man bobsled race was added to the Olympics in 1932 which was held in Lake Placid.
The first woman’s bobsled event was only added to the Olympics in Salt Lake City in 2002.

#4 There are two distinct bobsled styles
The bobsled styles are depicted by the number of persons in the sled. There is the two-man sled which consists of a driver that pushes and drives the sled, then the brakeman.The second style is the four-man sled which consists of a driver, two pushing athletes and a brakeman. The women’s bobsled events are always two-man races with mixed gender teams sometimes making up the four-man races.

#5 The bobsled
The bobsled has a fibreglass hull with four runners which are pieces of steel for the sled to run on and a steel frame.
The heavier the sled the faster it will go and to keep the games fair there is a minim weight without the team for the sled and a maximum weight for the sled with the crew in. These differ depending on whether it is a four-man or two-man race and for the woman’s sledding event.


For all the news, updates and Pyeongchang 2018 winter Olympics entire schedule you can go to www.pyeongchang2018.com or just click on the link we have supplied you with.

info1 - 5 Things to know about bobsledding
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